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Comparing sensitivity, specificity, over-triage, under-triage, and positive and negative predictive values when using clinical signs or TEWS in isolation as opposed to in combination as the SATS Admit Discharge Total Using clinical signs in isolation Emergency, very urgent, urgent sign 248 265 513 No clinical sign 186 1 182 1 369 Tot al 434 1 447 1 881 Using TEWS in isolation TEWS 3 or more 328 571 899 TEWS 0, 1 or 2 106 876 983 Total 434 1 447 1 881 Using a combination of clinical signs and TEWS as SATS SATS red, orange, yellow 395 658 1 053 SATS green 39 789 828 Total 434 1 447 1 881 Se Sp OT Using clinical signs in isolation 57.
McLachlin and colleagues (1962) evaluated the various clinical signs of DVT, including Homan's sign, skin temperature, tenderness, venous dilation, and swelling, in patients with suspected DVT.
The sooner the clinical signs are noticed and brought to the attention of a veterinarian, the better the prognosis--and in this regard, he stresses, an owner's vigilance is of utmost importance.
Sheep in treatment groups (n=5) showed clinical signs of oleander toxicosis within 50-60 minutes after dosing of the plant.
Treatment with mepyramine maleate resulted in a statistically significant cure on urticaria affected horses and the clinical signs resolved in every case treated.
When one of these conditions was found, and there was no possibility of repairing it, replacement was indicated; there could also be a combination of clinical signs.
After contracting flu, horses will start to show clinical signs within one to three days and will spread the virus for a further five days.
If clinical signs of pregnancy were still evident, a second dose of misoprostol was administered; if the explusion was not complete five days later, women were offered vacuum aspiration.
He added: "There are no reliable clinical signs to enable the identification of wakefulness.
Clinical signs include a rash, fever, depression, swollen lymph glands, chronic arthritis and chronic neurological problems.
This study investigated 349 post-partum women using both clinical signs and laboratory tests of haemoglobin levels.
Efficacy has not been established when treatment is initiated after the development of clinical signs of a cold sore.
The increase in head size occurred long before the appearance of clinical signs of autism, and the existence of such an early warning signal, if confirmed by future studies, could prove valuable as an early diagnostic tool, they said.
When the act of obtaining such a sample is not desirable or feasible, and if clinical signs and symptoms are absent, eradication can be presumed.
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