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the branch of psychology concerned with the treatment of abnormal mentation and behavior

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The group was set up by trainee clinical psychologist Chris Stamatakis in collaboration with clinical psychologists Prof Reg Morris, Dr Sam Fisher and Dr Julie Wilcox.
The CCP administration requested the Government of the Punjab and Government of Pakistan to take on board only Trauma Therapy Trained Clinical Psychologists so that children can benefit from trained professional.
Clinical psychologist and pediatric sleep coach Whitney Roban of Studio City-based Sleep-Eez, says the lack of a full night's rest can play a role in more serious health problems, like obesity, and can also interfere with emotional and cognitive development.
Vicky Hill, a clinical psychologist at George Eliot Hospital, said: "Children need to know it is OK to talk about domestic violence.
The study group's proposal is based on the fact that many clinical psychologists at medical and health institutions are not employed full time, with one member of the group saying that is because their work does not constitute a medical service to be reimbursed through insurance programs.
Targeted to psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and primary care practitioners, the title also includes best practices, reviews of current examples of diagnosis and treatment and case reviews.
Educational and clinical psychologists also work with children.
Cohen, president of the Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists, suggests that families watch for signs of distress in loved ones who were involved directly or indirectly in this tragedy.
Police Trauma offers comprehensive research for all law enforcement psychologists and consulting clinical psychologists by providing the conditions and precipitants of trauma stress among law enforcement.
There is an old Chinese curse that says "may you live in exciting times" and we as clinical psychologists are certainly living in exciting times these days.
However, the Texas researcher states, many clinical psychologists he has talked with react warily to the prospect of having their empathic accuracy (or lack thereof) measured.
the Virtually Better has on-site clinic staffed by a team of licensed clinical psychologists devoted to using cognitive-behavioral techniques (including virtual reality exposure therapy) to treat various disorders in both adults and children.
For teachers, school and clinical psychologists, and those in related professions, such as social workers, counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists, and for use in graduate-level university courses.
clinical psychologists and co-authors of The Power of Soul: Pathways to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for African Americans.
With a staff of three psychiatrists, seven licensed clinical psychologists and several licensed clinical social workers, and marriage and family counselors, the center offers expert counseling on a sliding fee scale.
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