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Spaulding Clinical Research operates a 200-bed Clinical Pharmacology Unit, a Core ECG Laboratory and provides full Biometrics/Scientific Affairs services.
Clinical pharmacology is an extremely scarce skill in SA.
The Elsevier Infobutton is offered free-of-charge to customers with an EHR who also license other Elsevier electronic information products, including Clinical Pharmacology, Mosby's Nursing Consult and Mosby's Skills.
An overview of the proposal for development of Clinical Pharmacology in India was presented by Dr.
In 2006, PAREXEL expanded its relationship with Synchron by acquiring a majority stake of Synchron's clinical trials business operations in Bangalore, India, and a minority equity interest in Synchron's Ahmedabad, India clinical pharmacology business.
Further training was in Internal Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Pharmacogenomic data submissions to the FDA: clinical pharmacology case studies.
We developed a case based course in clinical pharmacology on the web for advanced medical students.
Today, it is highly important for rehabilitation counselors to know something about clinical pharmacology, concepts associated with over-medication, influence of polypharmacy on treatment, drug contraindications, the influence of pharmacological management or changes on biological system behavior.
Former FDA and Clinical Pharmacology Expert, Jennifer DiGiacinto Joins RRD
The final hurdle; single best answers in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.
Cutting Edge Information's recent study, "Optimizing Clinical Pharmacology Programs: Cost-Drivers of Phase 1 Trials," found that the number of months that sites actively engage in patient recruitment doubles when companies reported using four to five sites versus two to three sites.
com), a leading provider of drug decision support announced today the availability of Clinical Pharmacology Mobile, a mobile device-optimized web site offering users access to the features and functions of Clinical Pharmacology, an award-winning electronic drug information and medication management reference.
Philadelphia) and Terzic (Mayo Clinic, Rochester), past presidents of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, compile 94 chapters by international experts.
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