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Mitchell strengthens ClinPharm's core competencies in PK and clinical pharmacology, with regulatory affairs, medical writing, protocol development, and strategic planning services to help navigate client companies down the complex path to marketing approval.
The UB HIV Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory was a leader in introducing therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) in ACTG research protocols and TDM and pharmacogenomics within studies of HIV-infected patients with substance-related disorders.
About Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC provides clinical pharmacology and cardiac core lab clinical research services, and is a medical device manufacturer.
Celerion has one of the most experienced Clinical Pharmacology Sciences team operating in six global locations in North America and Europe for over 40 years.
The alliance is extensive and involves the engagement of a sole provider for clinical pharmacology delivery, and a simple, standardized pricing model.
Together, the two organizations offer unmatched expertise in clinical pharmacology, bioanalytical services, cardiac safety consulting, and electrocardiographic analyses.
Greenberg to the Clinilabs' newly expanded clinical pharmacology unit (CPU)," stated Dr.
The mission of the ACPU shall be to provide a forum facilitating cooperation and the exchange of information and ideas between Clinical Pharmacology Units.
Healthcare Discoveries will become part of a comprehensive early phase development portfolio within the ICON Development Solutions division, which includes an existing 80 bed clinical pharmacology unit based in Manchester, England.
Drug IDentifier is now readily accessible from anywhere within Clinical Pharmacology and features a simplified search based on imprint/marking or color/shape.
This ensures healthcare professionals always have the most current, accurate answers for informed decision making, and is why two independent research studies found Clinical Pharmacology to be superior to its competition.
Charles Lee served as Assistant Director, Clinical Pharmacology at Wyeth Research, one of the world's largest research-driven pharmaceutical and health care products companies.
Astellas, a Japan-based multi-national pharmaceutical company, announced on Friday that it has promoted Joseph Fleishaker, PhD, FAAPS, FCP as its senior vice president and head of Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development.
M2 PHARMA-May 1, 2017-Astellas promotes Joseph Fleishaker to senior vice president and head of Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory Development
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited today announced that its affiliate, the Japan Research Foundation for Clinical Pharmacology (headquarters, Tokyo; Director General, Joji Nakayama), has awarded its 9th Japan Research Foundation for Clinical Pharmacology Research Award to five young researchers.
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