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the case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient

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Three: Essentials of the Interview And Clinical History.
Information on the clinical history and current development status of RIGScan CR can be obtained from Neoprobe's recent press releases and filings with the U.
The CARDIAC T Rapid Assay can be used along with clinical history and ECG to identify heart muscle damage.
Perlegen designed the BREVAGen[TM] test to provide a better assessment of breast cancer risk for women whose clinical history puts them at intermediate risk of developing the disease.
In such situations, this is accomplished through clinical history, physical examination and a resting 12-lead ECG.
Ramipril, currently marketed by King Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals as ALTACE(R) in the United States and Puerto Rico, has a rich clinical history as a front-line therapy for the treatment of hypertension and reduction in cardiovascular risk in a broad range of patients.
Chapters include a clinical history, diagnosis, case formulation, treatment goals and planning, treatment course and outcome, and critical thinking questions.
The company's knowledge-driven solutions translate patient-specific molecular and genomic data, clinical history and published scientific evidence into safer and more effective drug choices.
The Tissue of Origin Test aids in the diagnosis of challenging cancer cases such as those that are metastatic or with a complex clinical history and is used by leading clinicians around the country.
Noting that this facility has an excellent clinical history, a stable long-term staff and an excellent reputation in the community, he called it "the perfect facility to establish Ensign's presence in Nevada.
The atlas contains histological images from the cases, along with the primary and differential diagnosis and, when available, the clinical history.
The Tissue of Origin Test helps identify the primary tumor in difficult to diagnose cancer cases such as those that are metastatic or with a complex clinical history.
The clinical history may also include headache, seizures, vertigo, meningitis, and brain abscess.
After reviewing the clinical history, physical examination findings, chest X ray, and laboratory findings, the patient was diagnosed with cockatiel hypersensitivity pneumonitis.
The clinical history is different and there are biological markers which are different.
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