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a biologist who specializes in genetics

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Dr Suzanna Frints, a clinical geneticist at Maastricht University Medical Centre (Maastricht, The Netherlands), will tell the 26th annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Rome, that she and her colleagues have been able to use molecular genetic probes to detect DNA belonging to the foetus in blood samples taken from pregnant women.
They include a neurosurgeon, ENT surgeon, ophthalmologist, paediatrician (in the case of a child), clinical geneticist, social worker, psychologist, anaesthetist and radiologist.
In total, that's about one full-time clinical geneticist per 600,000 people, according to the American College of Medical Genetics--short of one per 250,000 people, which the Royal College of Physicians recommends.
Dr Victoria Murday, a consultant clinical geneticist at Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow, involved in the project, said: "We are uncertain how effective it is to screen for the cancer in women at increased risk of the disease, so prevention is the key.
Dr Al Arayyed, who was recently nominated by the Supreme Council for Women for the Nobel Peace Prize, is a consultant clinical geneticist and Genetic Department head at Salmaniya Medical Complex.
Clinical geneticist Dr Stephen Withers said: "It's probably a million to one.
Patricia Wheeler, MD is a clinical geneticist and pediatrician at Nemours Children's Clinic in Orlando, Florida.
And Prof Gareth Evans, a consultant clinical geneticist who helped develop the guidelines, added, 'While many women who develop breast cancer do not do so because of a genetic link, it is important that we identify those who are at risk because of their family history in order that they can be offered appropriate treatment.
Formerly Professor of Medical Genetics, University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff, and consultant Clinical Geneticist and Physician.
On the basis of my own experience as an educator and clinical geneticist, I have doubts about Moss' central point, that we mix these two concepts of "gene" at our peril.
The doctors - - an obstetrician, a clinical geneticist, and a psychiatrist - - said they considered the baby's 40-year-old mother "suicidal" when she demanded an abortion in January, The Age reported.
Susan Black, a clinical geneticist at the institute, told a news conference MicroSort will be helpful for couples whose family histories indicate that if they produce males, the males would be likely to inherit diseases such as hemophilia that appear only in males.
the human genome interpretation company, announced today that a leading clinical geneticist, Heidi Rehm, PhD, has joined the company's scientific advisory board.
Sir John Burn, Professor of Clinical Genetics at Newcastle University and Consultant Clinical Geneticist for the Newcastle Hospitals, is now gearing up for a new international study that could transform the clinical management of cancer in people with a family history of the disease.
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