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The clinical findings and cerebral spinal fluid analysis look quite different between the two problems, however.
The most common clinical finding is a migratory arthritis involving multiple joints.
Peter Fellner, Celltech's Chief Executive, said "Obtaining these positive clinical findings in such a serious and frequently-occurring disorder is very encouraging for Celltech.
Summaries of the clinical status and clinical findings (safety, adverse events and multiple event-related clinical responses), following clinical trials (Phases 1-3) of therapeutic antibodies being evaluated for the treatment of lung cancer
Communication of clinical findings is critical for identifying new questions to be addressed by basic research and to assist in interpreting findings.
Under fee-for-service payment arrangements, providers need to schedule patients, keep records of their clinical findings and of the services they render, and send bills, in the form of claims, to patients and/or their payers.
Food and Drug Administration requesting that the labeling for VIDEX (didanosine, ddI) be expanded to reflect recent clinical findings.
In the next two months, we expect data from five clinical studies to be presented at major medical meetings - the results from the T-DM1 Phase II study that could support a registration filing in 2010 if the findings are compelling, updated clinical data with our IMGN901 compound in the treatment of both CD56-expressing solid tumors and multiple myeloma, and the first clinical findings with SAR3419 and BT-062," commented Daniel Junius, President and Chief Executive Officer.
Since no clinical findings for this genus have been reported, no clinical recommendations have been made regarding empiric treatment for infections with this microorganism.
The clinical findings in a patient with an inflammatory pseudotumor are variable, depending on the growth rate of the lesion and the specific structures that have been affected.
The physician interprets the patient's medical history and key clinical findings at admission into diagnostic probabilities and an admission severity and determines a degree of urgency.
Its newest product, iMedica PRM, helps physicians manage everything from appointments to clinical findings to collections in one system.
Role of lopinair/ritonavir in the treatment of SARS: initial virological and clinical findings.
Predominant clinical findings are inflammation of the upper respiratory mucosa and submucosa, the presence of granulomas, and the presence of microabscesses accompanied by underlying vasculitis and extensive necrosis.
On the other hand, MedisGroups requires the abstracter to approach each chart with nothing more than the need to search out certain "key clinical findings.
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