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However, on routine clinical examination observed bowl sounds in the chest and diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia was made.
In the conventional methods of clinical examination, marking system is also not structured and same candidate gets different marks when examined for the same competency by different examiners4-6.
Thus, Sensitivity and Specificity of Clinical Examination in diagnosing malignancy was 90% and 95.
It is important that the photographs reflect soft tissue discrepancy as accurately as assessed during the clinical examination.
Assessment of clinical competence using Objective structure Clinical Examination OSCE.
The Use of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination with Postgraduate Residents in Pediatrics.
KEY WORDS: Objective structured practical examination (OSPE); traditional clinical examination (TCE); reliability; validity; examiner's bias
The OSCE consists of 17 five-minute stations and each station tests a candidate's skills, including history taking, communication, data interpretation, clinical examination and practice skills.
Clinical examination revealed a large, firm mass in the left pectoral muscle.
The initiative also seeks to provide non-emergent medical consultations of the first level to whoever has a health condition that doesn't require a clinical examination.
The GP will refer for a proper assessment by specialists at a dedicated centre which will include a clinical examination, as well as mammography or ultrasound and if needed a biopsy or MRI scan.
Over 40 chapters in 10 sections address the body system using a logical framework, focusing on the history, clinical examination and correlation between physical signs and disease for each system.
Containing 50 cases, this review text helps UK medical students review clinical examination and presentation skills and prepare for the long case objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) using role play with simulated patients.
Objective: To determine the student's perception of reliability and validity of Surgical Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Dow University of Health Sciences.
According to Sport24, South African team manager Dr Mohammed Moosajee said that Morkel landed awkwardly on his right ankle while fielding on Friday following which a subsequent clinical examination and a MRI scan confirmed a Grade 1 ankle sprain.
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