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a rigorously controlled test of a new drug or a new invasive medical device on human subjects

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Joan Kemp Executive Director Southern Society for Clinical Investigation +1-205-934-5077 joankemp@uab.
1 provides valuable information on the following topics: literature route method, critical evaluation of the literature, conclusions from analysis literature reviews, the clinical investigation final report and conclusions from analysis of clinical investigation data.
It's our privilege to partner with the MGH Institute, which offers one of the first Clinical Investigation programs in the country," said Pam Randhawa, vice president of marketing, Phase Forward.
ALPHANON has had a long and somewhat checkered path of development, but with the completion of Phase I clinical investigation, Belmac believes that the product has finally achieved a level of serious credibility, according to Harshbarger, who also lauded ALZA Corporation for its excellent efforts in developing an elegant delivery system.
These will be among the first 90 patients in this clinical investigation in the United States.
He has had direct experience with accomplishment in managing varied orthopedic product's pathways from clinical investigation through regulatory approval.
The Company has a Phase 2 clinical investigation using oral low-dose interferon-alpha for Behcet's disease now underway and plans to begin enrollment in a Phase 2 clinical trial in December to treat oral warts in HIV-positive patients.
Initial clinical studies show the Triage PDS System may provide superior results compared to other dynamic stabilization devices currently marketed or under clinical investigation.
The Alair System is used for Bronchial Thermoplasty, the first-ever non-drug treatment for asthma, and is now under clinical investigation at over 30 leading research centers around the world.
Caution: In the United States, the Endeavor and Endeavor RESOLUTE drug-eluting Coronary Stents are investigational devices with an investigational drug (zotarolimus) and are exclusively for clinical investigation.
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