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TYRE, Lebanon: Along the Sidon-Tyre highway motorists and passersby delight in seeing electricity polls and old building facades naturally decorated by climbing vines and shrubs.
Ground refugia were closer to climbing vines than would be expected from random locations.
Take advantage of existing protection, such as walls and fences and use pergolas, canopies, arbours or trellises to provide shade and structures for climbing vines.
Customers pass through a canopy of climbing vines and shrubs which make the large beer garden area a lot more interesting than most.
Consisting mainly of woody shrubs and small trees, but sometimes including climbing vines, the plants of the genus Tococa range from southern Mexico to Bolivia and from sea level to about 3,000 meters.
Climbing vines can scale and cover midlevel and overstory vegetation, eventually collapsing trees or their branches.
Sun screening can be obtained from pergolas, canopies or trellises which provide filtered shade and a base for climbing vines.
They kicked around The Climbing Vines, Noisy Birdwomen, Homing Pigeons and Gadflies before Earhart, the club's first president, suggested they keep it simple - something like the total of the club's charter members, 99.
The riparian infestations comprise mostly climbing vines growing over native vegetation, while in subriparian areas the plants are usually freestanding.
The lattices used for the gates and as a structure for climbing vines at the back of the house are white, and white is also the choice for the furniture around the screened pool deck.
Big-leaved climbing vines will smother the frame and give you a wonderful, Mediterranean-style shady sp ot.
Even the smallest outdoor spaces can be visually enhanced - climbing vines or lattice work on bordering walls to soften the boundaries, miniature trees in planter pots, flower boxes with evergreens under windows on upper levels.
The huge broad-leaf trees in front of you have air plants and climbing vines that twine in and around the tree branches and trunks.