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the sport or pastime of scaling rock masses on mountain sides (especially with the help of ropes and special equipment)

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Developed by Swiss-based M+F Engineering with the support of Alcan's R&D Centre in Neuhausen, the "StepLift" is a semi-automated climbing system made of aluminium and designed to replace conventional ladder systems.
To complement all of their SOP harnesses, Summit also offers the SOP Climbing System ($40) that includes a 30' safety rope with attached prussic knot.
If you plan to use a stand more than once, install a climbing safety system like the SOP Climbing System or Hunter Safety System Life Line.
Summit also offers its Safety Rope Climbing System separately and in convenient three-packs that make setting up and climbing treestands safer.
In addition, its Vatrio VT and GT, and its CB Climbing System has been used on the core walls and basement floors.
The Fall Guy 20+ Retractor, which acts much like the seatbelt mechanism in your vehicle, and Seat-O-The-Pants Climbing System, which includes a 30-foot rope and easy-to-use Prusik Knot make this task not only a possibility but uncomplicated as well.
In addition, they explain how to use Summit's Seat-O-The-Pants harness as a lineman's belt, along with the importance of using a climbing system when ascending/descending a tree.
Players have the freedom to explore utilizing a sophisticated, intuitive climbing system that allows them to scale the entire cityscape and traverse nearly any surface, whether it's the face of a skyscraper or a dilapidated tenement building.
The climbing seat provides a sit-down, stand-up climbing system that makes ascending and descending a breeze.
Nesma was also dealing with relatively pioneering technology by using an automatic climbing system (ACS) for the tower cores.
Wherever possible, install a climbing system and use it religiously.
The Cub Super Sport comes standard with Cougar Claw cable climbing system attached by anti-rattle wire pins.
Thomas, who spent 15 years working for the Indian government's housing department before joining Multiplex in 2006, explains that the C1 tower has been built using the Jumpform automatic climbing system provided by Australian firm Fabquip.
Without question, the most dangerous moment in hunting is when you're climbing in and out of the stand, and with a climbing system, you are fully protected at all times.