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the sport or pastime of scaling rock masses on mountain sides (especially with the help of ropes and special equipment)

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All owners and users are directed to return their Full Body Harness and Climbing System Model 3056 to: The Game Tracker, Attn: Product Safety Coordinator, P.
The real breakthrough in the rescue efforts, however, came when the Proto teams arrived at the level 39 station and set up a Rollgliss apparatus, a portable climbing system that uses a nylon rope and a clutch to manually carry people.
We've also recently introduced a newly developed automatic climbing system for high-rise buildings and pylons, in addition to our new heavy-duty shoring system, which has been developed from our standard products.
I am totally sold on the climbing ropes made by a number of companies, such as the Hunter Safety System Life Line, Seat-O-The-Pants Climbing System and Muddy Outdoors Safeline.
Combat is limited - although remains fairly solid - but the climbing system is unfathomable to say the least.
Meva has also reintroduced its automatic climbing system, MAC, targeting multi-storey buildings with 40 floors or more.
Limited Tenders are invited for Construction Of Slithering Rappeling Cum Artificial Rock Climbing System Out Of Modernisation Of Training Infrastructure In Military Station (Motims) Grant For The Financial Year 2016-17
To complement all of their SOP harnesses, Summit also offers the SOP Climbing System ($40) that includes a 30' safety rope with attached prussic knot.
Summit also offers its Safety Rope Climbing System separately and in convenient three-packs that make setting up and climbing treestands safer.
Tenders are invited for The work includes new geometric planar surface wall climbing system.
If you plan to use a stand more than once, install a climbing safety system like the SOP Climbing System or Hunter Safety System Life Line.
The Fall Guy 20+ Retractor, which acts much like the seatbelt mechanism in your vehicle, and Seat-O-The-Pants Climbing System, which includes a 30-foot rope and easy-to-use Prusik Knot make this task not only a possibility but uncomplicated as well.
In addition, they explain how to use Summit's Seat-O-The-Pants harness as a lineman's belt, along with the importance of using a climbing system when ascending/descending a tree.
The climbing seat provides a sit-down, stand-up climbing system that makes ascending and descending a breeze.