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Synonyms for rope

know the ropes


rope someone in or into something

Synonyms for rope

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You wouldn't want the climbing rope to get stuck someday.
Llanberis-based DMM Engineering's new Dragon Cam camming device is a lightweight, mechanical spring loaded device that can be jammed into a tight crevice or fissure in the rock face and, through a simple trigger device, expanded to hold fast to secure a climbing rope - or, in the event of a fall, the climber.
George Ullrich hopes to scale a perilous 1,000m cliff face in Patagonia without the help of a climbing rope.
He said the climbing rope and harness were intended to help Derbyshire climb trees and scale cliffs to access nests.
Her partner snubs the climbing rope and gently lowers her for another.
Previous trials have seen other celebs in the televised camp facing their fears, with peer Lord Brocket overcoming his fear of heights by climbing rope ladders and glamour model Jordan and ex-footballer Neil `Razor' Ruddock braving a test in which they donned helmets which were filled with creepy crawlies, including cockroaches and spiders.
Then they use the thin line to feed the climbing rope up and over the branch.
Graham had actually invested in a proper climbing rope and so, like two mini Scouse versions of Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing, the heroes of Everest, we aimed for the top until a thunderstorm turned the rock into a slippery and treacherous waterfall.
The climbing rope can slip through the clamp that connects at the top, posing a fall hazard for climbers.
Kenneth Stanley Wood, 79, of Causeway Crescent, Linthwaite, was discovered by neighbour Katherine Childs on January 2, 2011 hanging from a climbing rope attached to the banister.
And as Christine's car filled with water, he managed to drag her to safety - helped by a climbing rope he just happened to have with him.
A STUDENT hopes to start his bid to scale a perilous 1,000m cliff face in Patagonia without the help of a climbing rope today.
They found one body then traced the other man with the connecting climbing rope.
Mr Mark Lane, a close friend of Mr Picken's from Birmingham-based Cave and Crag Club of which he was a member, said: "If we needed someone at the end of a climbing rope when in trouble it would be Andy.
All hanging pieces unhook, are easy to replace with climbing rope, swing, rings.