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Climbing plants can grasp by twining, climbing, and catching with aerial roots or thorns or by tendrils.
One of the most fragrant climbing plants you'll find in any garden, jasmine has beautifully scented star-shaped flowers that appear in clusters throughout the shrub.
Scope of quantity or scope: Steinkjerhallen AS wants to expand the range of activities by establishing a climbing plant for both beginners and active climbers.
QI am looking for an evergreen climbing plant but don't want an ivy.
Holly, box, pyracantha and bay are all good, but for a less formal planting withmore interest, maybe add a section of trellis or an obelisk and train up a climbing plant or two.
You may be tempted this spring to purchase a climbing plant, impressed perhaps by the splendour of Clematis or the vigour of Virginia creeper with their potential for hiding an ugly fence or crumbling wall.
Q I bought a bright red climbing plant called sundavilla.
A AN excellent climbing plant is the golden hop (humulus lupulus aurea).
Similarly, growing a climbing plant over a trellis or arbour in a small garden will create a more private spot.
If you have a town garden with an unsightly view of, say, an industrial building, or you are overlooked by neighbours, you could think about planting a tree or a climbing plant on trellis in a strategic position to enhance privacy and create a pleasing sight for the eye.
THE HOP is a tall climbing plant, Latin name Humulus lupulus (wolf of the woods).
Buy a medium sized glazed pot from your local garden centre and a climbing plant called Amalopsis, using a John Innes no 3, plant the amalopsis in the container push in the obelisk until it's rigid in the pot, The Amalopsis will produce variegated foliage from early May through to the first frost, and only reaches 6ft.
BRUMAL A Relating to winter BWild climbing plant C Belonging to lower animals who am I?
DRAINPIPES and other vertical fittings that are not easy on the eye can be concealed by wrapping them in a tube made from semi-rigid plastic netting, then training a climbing plant up the netting.