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All of this and more is why it is so astonishing and dismaying - but also revealing - to see a group of 20 alarmed climatologists in the US wanting to curtail debate on global warming by shutting up the opposition, and hardly by gentle means.
Our program is all about education and awareness: that's what brings down the death rates," said Wax, who is considered an expert climatologist.
Islamabad, Sep 4 ( ANI ): An American climatologist has said he can help revolutionise Pakistan's weather forecasting system by observing dust clouds and monsoon satellite images, with the data conjured up by these observations readily available on the Internet.
Climate change is a hot-button subject nationally, and state climatologists have sometimes gotten caught in the crossfire, Foster said.
Climatologists have theorized that a world warming up because of a buildup of greenhouse gases will feature heavier rainstorms in summer, bigger snowstorms in winter, more intense droughts in at least some places, and more record-breaking heat waves.
Still, climatologists caution against exaggerating storms, especially in an area and a population unaccustomed to them.
The scientists at Real Climate, the blog written by some of the world's most prominent climatologists, have described the writings of sceptics such as Monckton as "cuckoo eggs in a nest .
Climatologists and their research are presented in a lively narrative packing in facts presented by well-known climatologist author Randy Cerveny, who examines history and climate mysteries around the world.
By the late 1970s, these realizations, along with insights from studies of the cooling effects of aerosols spewed from an Indonesian volcano in 1963, helped climatologists better estimate the balance between greenhouse gas warming and aerosol-induced cooling.
Using data sets from a series of satellites and weather balloons, University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer have found that the low troposphere has warmed less than the surface.
Climatologists largely agree that the film's scenario is dramatically exaggerated--a relatively rapid deep freeze could occur, but not that fast.
But many climatologists think that gases from human pollution are, in effect, closing the windows.
Although most of these "skeptics" had little standing among climatologists, they served the purpose of the lobby well by raising doubts about the science in order to preempt public demand for action.
Some climatologists are making a big deal out of emerging El Nino conditions in the central Pacific Ocean, but Oregon's chief weather forecaster doesn't think it will have any more effect here than a few extra raindrops on a duck's back.