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an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes)

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Biologist Richard Ostfeld at the Cary Institute says nearly two decades of data revealed climate warming trends correlated with earlier spring feeding by nymphal ticks, sometimes by as much as three weeks.
In addition to climate warming, these conditions reflect the long-term policy of fire exclusion and the dramatic reduction of timber management since 1990.
Because species distributions are often strongly related to the temperatures at which their populations grow and thrive, scientists have predicted that with climate warming we would see shifts in the distributions of many species, both towards the poles and upwards in elevation.
By studying Siberian cave formations as old as 500,000 years, researchers have found that even moderate climate warming in the past has set off significant thawing of permafrost.
It found that since the early 2000s, excessive application had contributed to global climate warming as nitrous oxide emissions had outweighed the climate benefit of increasing carbon dioxide uptake.
A group of researchers from Environment Canada has provided estimates of future climate warming based on anthropogenic activity that are more constrained than--and on the lower end of- those provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
The earth climate warming is an "unequivocal" fact which is causing widespread melting of snow and ice, alongwith a concomitant rise in an average sea level among other impacts, scientific studies revealed that the vulnerability in a changing climate is already severe in many countries and will increase day by day.
Under Dubai's Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, the emirate plans to reduce energy imports and climate warming carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent, using its own solar power and nuclear power imported from Abu Dhabi to reduce reliance on gas.
The cumulative impact of "severe individual stresses," ranging from climate warming and sea-water acidification to widespread chemical pollution and overfishing, would threaten the marine environment with a catastrophe "unprecedented in human history.
Since the 2000 edition, the world population, number of aged, and incidence of chronic diseases have skyrocketed; new diseases and health impacts of climate warming have also emerged (e.
It shows that, over a huge part of the Earth's surface, there was a massive decline in the productivity and extent of grasslands due to climate warming and the spread of forests.
But it produces significant greenhouse-gas emissions at a time of growing concern over climate warming.
The recent increase in incidence of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in central and eastern Europe, especially since 1990, has been attributed to climate warming (1-5) or various socioeconomic factors (6,7).
They speak of Global Change and Climate Warming," Son of Man Del said.
It was said recently that, whatever agreements were to be reached at this week's global climate warming summit in Copenhagen, they can only boost uranium's appeal, as the carbon foot-print of a nuclear power station consists primarily of the carbon cost of mining uranium fuel, not a nuclear power plant (NPP)'s operation.
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