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a change in the world's climate

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The predictability of climate variability is important if the relationship between it and infectious disease incidence is to be determined retrospectively, in order to confidently predict its impact in a changing or trending climate regime (i.
These populations will also benefit from increased capacity to identify, manage and respond to disasters and climate variability.
He started by presenting some characteristics of Colombian coffee growing, such as diversity of soils and climate, climate variability with such phenomena as El Nino and La Nina, different responses of the cultivars to physical and biological factors and production volume.
It is considered as a natural laboratory for studying Arctic climate variability, as it receives varying climatic signals from the Arctic and the Atlantic.
Dr Moffa-Sanchez said: "Although temperature changes from future solar activity are much smaller than human carbon dioxide emission warming, regional climate variability due to solar output on the ocean and atmosphere should be taken into account in future.
So its presence enhances the ice shelf's sensitivity to climate variability since any changes in the thermocline can alter the amount of heat filtering through.
For more about the connection between climate variability and food production, go here: http://www.
Knowledge of climate variability and change combined with reliable meteorological and hydrological forecasts and warnings against flash floods will contribute to sustainable economic and social development in Yemen.
As a result, an optimum tax on harvest must reflect climate variability, as well as the congestion externality.
He said naturally occurring climate variability "does not alter the underlying long-term trend of rising temperatures as a result of human activities".
Regarding attribution studies, rather than trying to reject either hypothesis regardless of which is the null, there should be a debate over the significance of anthropogenic warming relative to forced and unforced natural climate variability.
There's also an increase in projects due to uncertainties related to climate variability as well as implementation of strategies.
Climate variability already has significant economic costs throughout Africa, with models indicating that economic losses in Africa could be equivalent to annual loss in GDP of 1.
Climate variability is known to have a big influence on malaria in epidemic-prone regions of Africa.
10:15 Climate Variability, Fecal Coliform Dynamics and Shellfish
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