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Calling him the climate scientist in Germany would be an un derstatement, as he significantly contributed to global climate research.
In fact there has been an international outpouring of protest from leading climate scientists around the world, and from the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and the Australian Academy of Science.
Editors Kaper (Mathematics and Climate Research Network) and Rousseau (dynamical systems, University of Montreal), the originator of the Mathematics of Planet Earth project and conference in 2013 (MPE2013), gather blog posts published on the MPE 2013 website.
Aligera Holding AB (STO:ALIG) announced on Monday that it has received a green bond 'second opinion' from Cicero, a Norwegian independent climate research foundation and a provider of second opinions based on the Green Bond principals.
As the new supercomputers are being readied for installation, the Centers of Excellence will prepare the way for their optimum use in scientific research in such critical areas as energy, climate research, cosmology, biophysics, astrophysics and medicine, as well as in national nuclear security and other national security interests.
Abbatt will study pressing issues in climate research, including the role of black carbon in Arctic climate and the effect of changing temperatures and sea ice extent on the aerosol in the Arctic.
The family orientated day, runs from 11am to 7pm, will include a huge outdoor cinema screen showcasing awardwinning climate change documentaries, glistening ice sculptures, a chance to speak live to a climate research ship and the opportunity to try out some glacier fieldwork expedition kit.
It provides access to reviewed resources in major areas of climate research.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-November 18, 2014-SGI's compute solution selected by NASA to power climate research
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 11, 2014-BNP Paribas Foundation funds five new projects to advance climate research
Kaper (mathematics & climate research, Argonne National Laboratory) and Engler (mathematics, Georgetown U.
The Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD) at COMSATS CIIT Islamabad hosted the international conference.
The Consensus Project recently UNDERTOOK a comprehensive analysis of published, peer-reviewed climate research.
During the COP18 conference, Qatar launched the Centre for Climate Research in partnership with Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research for studying global climate change and its impacts on ecological, economic and social systems.
This agenda is meant to bridge the gap between social and biophysical research, and between research and application, towards delivery of a co-ordinated climate research agenda for Africa that brings together research outputs with user needs.
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