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a contest whose outcome is uncertain up to the very end

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an episode that ends in suspense

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The human race digs the cliff-hanger, digs the continuing story,'' he said.
But each year still ends with a financial cliff-hanger.
Another cliff-hanger came during the third space walk, on Dec.
In this Spring edition of the ongoing Derby (available free of charge), kids will read a Web-based, comic strip mystery that motivates them to do on-line research on the astronomy, geology and history of Mars in order to resolve cliff-hanger endings and move onto subsequent episodes in earn about the changing ways knowledge can be accessed in this information age," said Sara Snyder, educatio for Headbone's third Derby dovetails with NASA's "Live from Mars" curricular Web Site, which delivers inters fun and educational and engages youngste rs dirhe Mars Derby will run from March 16 through Natns and Storm Technology, will be awarded to winning teachers and classroom teams.
The ending is a cliff-hanger, which is very frustrating - I'm desperate to read the next book in the series.
White Collar" Season 5 ended on a cliff-hanger, as was expected by the loyal viewers of this USA Network's series.
Meanwhile, over in EastEnders, there was a sort-of wedding with a sort-of cliff-hanger.
Bilko, with his larger-than-life personality and dynamic style, is a worldwide favourite with freestyle fans on his Honda CRF-250, and his portfolio includes some of the most intense bike stunts, including landing the first ever cliff-hanger backflip, early on in his freestyle career.
TUESDAY Survivors BBC One Wales, 9pm Cashing in on the cliff-hanger ending of its first series, the post-apocalyptic adventure continues as self-interest battles the collective good in an attempt to find a cure for the virus that caused the disaster that kicked the whole show off.
You would watch short movies - usually westerns - and then you would watch serials with a different cliff-hanger, so there'd be a new episode every Saturday morning.
Ashes to Ashes (BBC1, 9pm) It's the last in the series and that should mean that we're in for a cliff-hanger ending.
GARETH Barry says Villa must beat Wigan to set up a final-day cliff-hanger at West Ham in the race for fifth.
Games between these two sides are usually close but this one was a real cliff-hanger, writes Barri Hurford.
RTE start the new series with a double bill - and pick up where the cliff-hanger episode left off.