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a member of the Anasazi people living in the southwestern United States who built rock or adobe dwellings on ledges in the sides of caves

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This analysis provides an example of how different home range and foraging behaviors support coexistence in cliff-dwelling bird species with similar ecological demands.
Among them is a cliff-dwelling boronia, a form previously unknown in the Kimberley but known in Arnhem Land and Kakadu.
A cliff-dwelling California condor chick in Ventura County, Calif.
Once a magnificent stand of rare Wilkesia hobdyi, a small cliff-dwelling plant closely related to the famous Maul silversword, grew on the ridge above Polihale public beach park, and it survived because hunters kept the predatory goats under control there.
The cliff-dwelling Ili pika population has dropped 55 percent over the past 10 years, leaving fewer than 3,000 adult animals, Xinhua News Agency reported.
But fate dictates that he accelerates forward 800,000 years instead, and here he encounters both the gentle, cliff-dwelling Eloi - personified by the comely Mara (Irish pop diva Samantha Mumba) - and the sinister underworld of cannibal Morlocks, led by a chalk-faced Jeremy Irons.