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stock phrases that have become nonsense through endless repetition

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Nor should it be assumed there is any inherent incompatibility between client/server and mainframe systems.
It is for this reason that even if a client/server implementation does cost more than expected, the effort is nevertheless frequently welcome.
Added Johannes-Georg Voll, COO of adisoft, "The success of EFA as a client/server application imposed high expectations for the Web version.
However, as a client/server application, EFA is expensive.
Everybody is talking about how great client/server is and how much money it saves.
The question is not whether client/server is ready for you.
Rosebud Solutions' MEMS Client/Server Improves Capital and
By using MEMS Client/Server, equipment usage is enhanced and operational costs reduced.
In theory, client/server would reduce capital expenses and virtually eliminate "big iron" mainframes.
Client/Server Labs co-founder Bill Wallet stated, "We chose META Group as a partner because its "high-touch" service model, which emphasizes consistent, proactive, end-to-end client involvement, is similar to our own and offers the best way of achieving client risk-reduction over the long term.
The focus of MTX is to provide a migration path for legacy mainframe applications to client/server environments.
At present, BPCS Client/Server V6 has been rolled out to users across Xyratex's UK operations and will be extended to the Company's operations in the US, Europe and Asia over the next 18 months.
The decision Lucas made in selecting SSA is further evidence of market acceptance of BPCS Client/Server V6 and the advantages it delivers," said Richard Morgan-Evans, SSA's president of Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Ralph DiNinno, American Video Glass IT & Controls Engineering manager added, "BPCS Client/Server offers us the best potential system for interoperability in the industry.
Paul Lavallee, SSA president Americas, stated, "BPCS Client/Server version 6.
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