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a coupler shaped like the letter U with holes through each end so a bolt or pin can pass through the holes to complete the coupling

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Configurable to suit the application, the pins can be produced in a clevis pin head style, grab ring style or other styles, with various materials and finishes.
The hauler tongue with hole could then easily be slipped up and on the pin, then secured with a clevis pin in the cross-drilled hole.
Tenders are invited for Clevis Pin With Washer For Transitiion Cbc To Rdso/Str No.
The live end should form a nearly direct line to the clevis pin of the fitting.
Tenders are invited for Clevis Pin For Wcam/3 Bogie Brake Rigging To Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Clevis Pin With Washer For High Tensile Cbc Coupler Of Diesel Locomotive.
The sections are connected by two 7/16-inch clevis pins and hitch pin clips, one in the bow and one in the stern.
Check standing rigging, turnbuckles and clevis pins for signs of wear, corrosion or fraying strands If uncertain, have a rigger do an inspection and report.