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the largest city in Ohio

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22nd and 24th President of the United States (1837-1908)

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Where: City Club of Cleveland in downtown Cleveland
Cleveland Vibrator, 2828 Clinton Ave, Cleveland, OH, 44113 tel: 216/241-7157 tax: 216/241-3480#
In it, Clinton says he enjoyed meeting Cleveland and thanks the writer for getting first pooch Buddy to stop peeing on a White House rug.
But as some in Cleveland try to rescue both the city's and their own ailing fortunes, skeptics remain of internationalization's true advantages to the many poor African Americans in Cleveland, which last August was dubbed "the nation's poorest city" by the Census Bureau.
Cleveland told the Albuquerque and Jemez Valley teachers who opted to stay in the buildings Rio Rancho acquired from these districts that while she hoped they would stay, changes were coming.
Times are tough for Cleveland area arts and cultural organizations.
AlabamaNorth: African-American Migrants, Community and Working-Class Activism in Cleveland, 1915-45.
Rubber Division, American Chemical Society, course on "Injection molding," Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH, Rubber Division (330) 972-7814 - October 14-15.
In 1916, during her junior year of college, Greve began to volunteer at Hiram House, a neighborhood settlement house in Cleveland.
Cleveland has been drinking from the same gold-plated spigot that quenched the thirsty downtowns of many other cities - the public subsidies that have made welfare clients of their wealthiest denizens.
com, the ultimate automotive marketplace, is once again the presenting sponsor of the Cleveland Auto Show, February 24 through March 4 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.
THE 12th and final round of Cleveland Wheelers' League 2000 series had to be cut short due to heavy rain and bad light at Middlesbrough Cycling Circuit.
20200 Sheldon Rd, Cleveland, OH, 44142 tel: 440/826-4548 fax: 440/243-4694#
Cleveland High boys' basketball coach Andre Chevalier doesn't want to hear any more talk about the Cavaliers getting robbed by game officials Saturday night.
Supreme Court decision in favor of the Cleveland voucher program ends years of speculation.