drawing lots

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making a chance decision by using lots (straws or pebbles etc

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There are also practices that resemble gambling in various ways but do not involve placing bets, such as cleromancy, sortition, and drawing of lots, as well as contemporary activities such as trading on the stock market (Hertz, 1988; Kellaway, 2013) and social gaming on the internet (Gainsbury et al.
To gain perspective on the Swedish historical material, this section briefly introduces divination, cleromancy, secular uses of drawing of lots, and judicial uses of lots and dice in various parts of the world at various times.
Cleromancy was widely practiced in ancient Rome, where dice often were used (Schwartz, 2006; Toner, 2009).
The use of similar techniques and implements in cleromancy and gambling led scholars of the past to speculate that gambling evolved from divination (e.
Among his topics are exorcising demons, cleromancy (casting lots), and necromancers.