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Tom, who was born in Wavertree and lived in Moreton, Wirral, as I do now, left Lewis's around 1970 and was clerk of works on the Hoyle Court Complex in Market Street, Hoylake.
PLANS: Alf as clerk of works at Coventry Cathedral CROSS: Alf Cleugh outside Coventry Cathedral, which he used to visit regularly after helping to build more than 50 years ago
At the time of the crash, on the morning of August 4 last year, he was a clerk of works on the pounds 3m scheme to rebuild part of the A55 at Llanddulas.
In September 2002 the city council refused my request that the appointment of an Ecological Clerk of Works, responsible for monitoring the ecology of the whole area, should be made before the first contactor gets on any of the sites, and his function should continue irrespective of a contractors' concurrent or intermittent presence on site.
About five years ago while employed as clerk of works for Stockton Council, I was approached by a tenant asking if her second bedroom window could be altered.
Married with a grown-up son and daughter and three grandsons, he lives in Pencoed and works for Cardiff council as clerk of works.
The clerk of works for a major pounds 3m renewal scheme on the A55 in North Wales was killed last August when he inexplicably stepped through cones into a live lane of traffic and was hit by a car.
He was clerk of works for Shell at Stanlow and also for the Arameo Oil Company in Saudi Arabia for three years, where he also played golf.
Bob Matthews, clerk of works at Durham Cathedral, said: "It is somewhat unusual for a young woman to take up a trade such as stonemasonry but Bev's willingness to step into a male-dominated trade speaks volumes for her.
8I HAVE had the Clerk of Works down on the floor six times but I still have no satisfaction.
They moved to Huddersfield in the 1960s, when Mr Parkin became clerk of works in the highways department of the former Huddersfield Borough Council.
Paul's most faithful servants - the Clerk of Works to the celebrated architect, Sir Christopher Wren.
With the help of the Clerk of Works he discovers that Wren's dome is held together by a great iron chain, and he takes a look at some of the work going on to repair the chain.
The Clerks of Works will be based at the Council~s offices at Bankhead Park, Glenrothes and will be allocated specific projects as they arise, by the Clerk of Works Co-ordinator.
Stone Technical Services, which employs a team of 27 at its headquarters in Darlington, has been appointed by the Clerk of Works at St Paul's to inspect the golden cross and dome, which is 365 feet off the ground and one of the largest in the world.