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The index measures average price changes for goods and services purchased by urban-wage earners and clerical workers.
That the Miss Remington in the ads remained unmarried, white, and perpetually young reflects demographic trends among actual flesh and blood clerical workers of the period.
Thousands of firefighters, security and clerical workers were due to walk out for 24 hours next Monday in the first of three stoppages in protest at a decision by BAA to close its final salary pension scheme to new workers.
Clerical workers, food service and maintenance workers, graduate teaching and research assistants, and food workers at the Yale-New Haven Hospital joined together to protest inadequate wages.
Whether they are managers, executives, clerical workers of professionals, all will come away with a much stronger definition of the "e-mail problem" and how they can take action as good corporate citizens.
They include a review of every child protection case on their register and more clerical workers to free up social workers for front-line duties.
Greg Cross, senior field representative for the Service Employees International Union Local 535, said it appeared that 11 cafeteria workers were getting layoff notices as well as 14 others represented by his union, including custodians, grounds workers, clerical workers, a kiln operator and a television-radio production worker.
The asset-size exemption for depository institutions will increase $1 million to a level of $34 million based on the annual percentage change in the Consumer Price Index for UrbanWage Earners and Clerical Workers for the twelve-month period ending in November 2004.
The book examines how clerical workers were educated to their jobs, how they entertained themselves after work, and the neighbourhoods and accommodations that they chose to live in within their limited financial means.
The women averaged about 39 hours of work per week; 40% were employed as clerical workers, 30% as professional workers and 19% as manual laborers; 11% did not report their occupation.
Given that healthcare administrative and clerical workers often deal with people in stress (and those people can be patients or practitioners), counselor Stainsby pays due heed to working with people in difficulty.
The workers include firefighters, maintenance and security staff and clerical workers.
In related news clerical workers at Aer Lingus announced on 6 October that they would be voting for industrial action, with the result expected to be known on 13 October according to Reuters.
AIR travellers face a day of chaos today due to a strike by Aer Lingus clerical workers at Dublin Airport.
Administrative Assistants, Clerical Workers Confront Officials