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part of an interior wall rising above the adjacent roof with windows admitting light


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Hope extended these wings northwards to meet his new gallery, an imposing space which was tripartite in plan, each part lit by a raised clerestorey incorporating miniature Greek Doric columns (Fig.
Floor to ceiling openings cut into the dividing wall lead to the main exhibition hall, an immense volume illuminated by the clerestorey on the north which diffuses light over the edges of the suspended ceiling and over white-painted walls.
Inside, walls are lined with functional plywood skin and wedges of clerestorey glazing bring light into the double-height space.
Giencke provides a clerestorey panel just below ceiling level, then adds a horizontal baffle internally.
In a semi-basement is the parents' room with storage recessed beneath the clerestorey fenestration and a tiny lavatory.
Of course, the building cannot do this, and it might seem to be brave to make a library in an almost triple-height space which is glazed on all sides (to the north there is a clerestorey above the roof of the lower blocks on Hunnebergsgatan).
On a sunlit day, ripples of light off water in the canal spill through the louvred clerestorey in the south wall and across luminous white planes of the interior.
Having spent some time working in the Middle East, Larsen is acquainted with its architectural traditions, and the upside-down clerestorey (the strip of windows lining the floor) in the north wall of the studio has a Middle Eastern cast.
From the clerestorey so formed, an arc of light describes the path of the sun across the tiled floor of the hall.