Clement XIV

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Italian pope from 1769 to 1774 who lost whatever support remained of Catholic Europe, causing the church to fall into the hands of secular princes (1705-1774)

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Another cardinal suggested Clement XV, to counter Clement XIV, who suppressed the Jesuit order.
Clement XV: thus you pay back Clement XIV who suppressed the Society of Jesus
Conflicting interests in Latin America, combined with a growing distrust of the Jesuits in Europe, led to the dissolution of the order by Pope Clement XIV in 1773.
Some 14,000 such letters are extant, dating from the 1560s through the suppression of the order by Clement XIV in 1773.
17 Which (later reinstated) Roman Catholic society was suppressed at the order of Pope Clement XIV in 1773?
Peter's but were then moved elsewhere, among them: Eugene IV, Callistus III, Pius II, Alexander VI, Leo X, Hadrian VI, Pius IV, Pius V, Clement VIII, Paul V, Gregory XV, Innocent X, Clement IX, Benedict XIII, and Clement XIV.
Long ago Sorel observed that the Braganza and Bourbon drive against the Jesuits from the 1750s to the 1770s was one of the rare instances of a shared regalist campaign in Europe informed by a similar set of suspicions leading to the first suppression of the Society by Clement XIV in 1773.
The Academy was run by the Jesuits for more than a century when the Jesuit order was dissolved by Pope Clement XIV in 1773.