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British statesman and leader of the Labour Party who instituted the welfare state in Britain (1883-1967)

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Labour leaders such as Clement Atlee, Herbert Morrison, and Walter Citrine worked hard to become more effective radio speakers, while others, such as Stafford Cripps, were "naturals" in front of the microphone and became popular broadcasters.
President Harry Truman and British Prime Minister Clement Atlee met in early December and, among other actions, agreed upon clandestine military overflights of the USSR and the Peoples Republic of China.
He is informing readers that by the year 1984, the respected socialist leaders of his day, like Clement Atlee who defeated Winston Churchill to become Prime Minister in 1945, would be retired.
Submitted by Elinor M Roberts of Traeth Arian, Benllech Above, former Prime Minster Clement Atlee, then Labour leader of the opposition, addresses a meeting at Rhyl Pavilion in April 1952.
Whereas Thatcher and more so Winston Churchill are the favorite iconic leaders for many Brits to revel in a jingoistic manner in their martial prowess, it should be remembered that even after the Allies great victory over Nazism in WWII, the hugely popular sitting PM Churchill lost an unprecedented landslide election in 1945 that brought in the Clement Atlee Labour government which shaped the nature of modern Britain as a place fit for the victors of WWII.
Politically, in addition to his socially conservative views on women and homosexuality, which were conventional for the time, Lewis was highly critical of the post-war socialist government of Clement Atlee.
They include Prime Ministers Anthony Eden and Clement Atlee of Britain as well as Americans John Foster Dulles and Dean Acheson.
There have been 10 British prime ministers: Winston Churchill (twice), Clement Atlee, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, Alexander Douglas-Home, Harold Wilson (twice), James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair.
Gary saved the life of future Prime Minister Clement Atlee and so fulfilled his destiny and then found his mysterious time portal closed for good.
Chosen by Clement Atlee personally, Radcliffe is believed to have changed the borders near Ferozepur and Chittagong Hill Tracts under pressure from the Nehru- Mountbatten combine.
Nor do I require a rudimentary lecture on the political structure of Great Britain for I have pondered over its shortcomings since the days of Clement Atlee.
WE are forever reading about the good old Clement Atlee and the post-war Labour Government by some Labour councillors.
After WW2 we had a Labour government under Clement Atlee who didn't believe in risking services, utilities and essential industries in the hands of the private sector.
The 20th century was not short of brilliant era-shaping leaders when the going got tough - from David Lloyd George, to Winston Churchill and Clement Atlee here; and, in the US, from Woodrow Wilson, to Franklin D Roosevelt and John F Kennedy.
What we are in dire need of at present are the true politicians of old - Clement Atlee, Margaret Thatcher, Harold Wilson and probably a Winston Churchill to inspire us again.