Clematis vitalba

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vigorous deciduous climber of Europe to Afghanistan and Lebanon having panicles of fragrant green-white flowers in summer and autumn

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and Rhamno-Prunetea (Rubus ulmifolius, Clematis vitalba, Prunus spinosa, Crataegus monogyna, etc.
This is dynamically related to mantle vegetation with Rubus ulmifolius (Roso sempervirentis-Rubetum ulmifolii), in which common species are Prunus spinosa, Pyrus amygdaliformis, Rosa canina, Clematis vitalba, Rosa sempervirens, etc.
ulmifolius 2 1 1 2 P Clematis vitalba 2 2 H Calystegia sylvatica 1 P Prunus spinosa P Crataegus monogyna NP Rhus coriaria P Pyrus spinosa NP Rosa canina Companions H Smyrnium olusatrum 1 + H Piptatherum miliaceum + G Arundo collina 1 1 H Ampelodesmos mauritanicus G Oxalis pes-caprae + + H Parietaria judaica G Allium triquetrum G Adiantum capillus-veneris H Carex divulsa H Polypodium cambricum subsp.
submitted) indicates a higher N nutrient retention in flooded sites for Fraxinus excelsior, Clematis vitalba, and Ulmus minor, in spite of a high N nutrient supply in soils.
6 Significance (***) Clematis vitalba Summer leaves Flooded stands 42.
When larger, gaps are colonized by dense blankets of Clematis vitalba (and Vitis sylvestris before phylloxera) which covers the ground and remnant shrubs and climbs to the edges and into the trees.
04 Forest type Dominant species Flooded Querco-Ulmetum populetosum Hedera helix Salici-Populetum populetosum Clematis vitalba Unflooded Querco-Ulmetum populetosum Hedera helix Alno-Carpinetum Hedera helix Ligustro-Populetum Hedera helix Pruno-Quercetum Hedera helix Querco-Ulmetum tilietosum Clematis vitalba Fraxino-Populetum albae Hedera helix Querco-Populetum carpinetosum Clematis vitalba
Old man's beard Clematis vitalba - Provides seeds and nesting sites for birds.