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the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber

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In East Texas, clearcutting mania in the early days gave little consideration to the acreage being cut.
That same summer, residents formed Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch (EPFW) to fight increased clearcutting.
Civil disobedience has now spread to Calaveras County, where SPI is clearcutting adjacent to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
Clearcutting was a method not only of decimating the forest cover, but also of reducing labour costs and keeping labour under control.
However, comparisons of moose populations among landscapes disturbed by timber harvesting and wildfire-burn indicate that application of the Moose Habitat Guidelines does not result in higher moose densities than does natural disturbance or application of alternative harvesting systems such as progressive clearcutting (Rempel et al.
In his introduction, editor Bill Devall--author of the 1985 book Deep Ecology: Living as if Nature Mattered--notes that clearcutting has often been compared to rape, or even to war.
Clearcutting (which is a radical disturbance) and then planting a site with pines is one of the commonly used management practices for wood production in eastern Texas.
Recent feature articles on the Ouachita and the issues surrounding the release of the Amended Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, including the issue of clearcutting, were treated with overall fairness and accuracy by the Arkansas Times, Arkansas Democrat, Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, Mena Star, the Southwest Times Record and other local community newspapers.
Therefore, the governor and the newspaper's editorial board favor clearcutting forests that range up to 1,000 years of age.
Referring to logging activity in the area, Abitibi spokesperson Marc Osborne says, "This is not clearcutting to me.
The coalition claims that the high subsidies Canada gives its $10 billion lumber industry encourage clearcutting and create an unfair advantage over U.
Too much of the original forest has already been cut and the plan leaves much of the remaining old-growth open for clearcutting.
Perhaps most surprising of all, logging giant MacMillan Bloedel in June acknowledged that clearcutting is no longer acceptable and that there is a drastic need to increase the conservation of old growth forests.
In particular, elevated erosion as a result of riparian clearcutting is recognized to pose a serious threat to the maintenance of commercially important fish stocks (Murphy et al.
In the early 1960s clearcutting became the dominant method of timber harvest and regeneration, resulting in greatly increased woody browse production (Moore and Downing, 1966).