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the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber

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In East Texas, clearcutting mania in the early days gave little consideration to the acreage being cut.
An explanation of patterns of breeding bird species richness and density following clearcutting in north-eastern USA forests.
That same summer, residents formed Ebbetts Pass Forest Watch (EPFW) to fight increased clearcutting.
It does what few others have attempted: it combines a critique of clearcutting with an analysis of labour practices.
A permit was required for clearcutting and could be granted to harvest a plantation, for a variety of silvicultural purposes or to improve or create wildlife habitat with a plan by a certified wildlife professional.
One need not be opposed to all cutting of trees (or even to fairly large-scale cutting of trees) to be alarmed at what clearcutting does.
Species diversity, resulting from successional change at Site 1, peaked the third year following clearcutting and then subsided for the remainder of the nine-year period (Fig.
The recently approved Forest Plan points out that clearcutting is NOT the predominant harvest method.
But SPI's clearcutting rampage is provoking resistance among communities up and down the Sierra Nevada range.
One of the most dramatic changes in forestry practices on BLM timber sales under Total Forest Management will be the elimination of clearcutting as the primary harvesting method.
Initiated by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, the "Bird Friendly" label signifies that a third-party inspector has certified your coffee organic and shade-grown, without clearcutting the tropical forests.
The work takes planters to the most damaged lands, where clearcutting or wildfires have left moonscapes of the ecosystem.
Too much of the original forest has already been cut and the plan leaves much of the remaining old-growth open for clearcutting.
Chip Mills Supplying the Paper Industry Are Clearcutting the South
The only machine capable of moving Volkswagen-sized boulders and mature felled trees up and down such unstable and steep terrain is a swing yarder, a mammoth crane normally used for clearcutting operations.