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Synonyms for agent

Synonyms for agent

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

a person who secretly observes others to obtain information

Synonyms for agent

any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau

the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the happening denoted by the verb in the clause

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However, in the case of special agents that cannot be cleaned at a specific temperature, cleaning agents might need to be changed.
For the past few months, industry professionals have voted online and at the ISSA Conference for the best products in five categories: cleaning agents, dispensers, equipment, services & technology and supplies.
Of these, 32 boards were used to determine optimum wash settings for the inline cleaner, including cleaning agent concentration, wash temperature and wash exposure time.
Besides the savings on cleaning agent, it is furthermore established that operating at 160[degrees]F, the current temperature limit of polypropylene cleaners, harshly impacts the life of the equipment.
Stratasys "soluble supports" are dissolved in a water-based cleaning agent.
Our study has shown a reduction of one third in levels of MRSA in the ward when the new disinfectant was compared with the gold-standard NHS bleach-based cleaning agent," the Telegraph quoted Dr Andy Dodgson, consultant microbiologist at the MRI who led the trial as saying.
The cleaning solution bottle was not labeled and contained a mixture of water and Citra-Cide, a nontoxic cleaning agent, said Capt.
Soon, carbon dioxide may prove useful not only as a dry cleaning agent but also as a degreaser for industrial machinery and as an alternative solvent in a variety of manufacturing processes.
industrial washing machine and cleaning agent (90 [degrees] C);
This hot-water bath (filtered and reused) is the only cleaning agent, says ARC engineer Steve Alley.
New technology can accurately measure aqueous cleaning agent concentration.
KGaA, Dusseldorf, Germany, has been awarded a patent for a washing and cleaning agent shaped body that is silicone-free and is in the form of a granulate, extrudate, agglomerate or tablet.
The authors concluded: "Longer, prospective studies of nonprofessional household cleaners are needed to determine whether there is an association between household cleaning agent exposure and the development of asthma.
In other words, the atomic beam acts as a kind of cleaning agent.