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Synonyms for shaving

Synonyms for shaving

the act of removing hair with a razor


a thin fragment or slice (especially of wood) that has been shaved from something

the act of brushing against while passing

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He said: "Some trend spotters in the USA say the beard's fashion dominance is over, a victim of the rise of the so-called 'Yuccie' - (Young Urban Creative), who sport a streamlined, clean shaven look, rather than a bushy statement beard.
He was clean shaven and spoke with an Irish accent.
He has hazel eyes, dark brown shaven hair and is clean shaven.
The Shackletons team, nicknamed the Clean Shaven Bikers, completing the gruelling ride, which took in Hull and Scarborough before finishing last Saturday at Huddersfield's John Smith's Stadium.
One of the suspects is described as white, between 6ft 3ins and 6ft 4ins, aged between 20-22, of slim build, clean shaven, with a long pointed nose and short to medium length brown hair.
A recent analysis of three star players uncovered their performance was better clean shaven than with facial hair.
Summary: A clean shaven Brad Pitt has walked the red carpet in support of his girlfriend Angelina Jolie, at the premiere of her new film Salt.
The Anti-Oxidizing Shave Cream for Hairy Beasts contains essential pomegranate oil, which oxidizes and titillates the beard follicles, making it easier to line up and trim beard hair, while the Mentholating Shave Cream for Clean Shaven Beasts features natural eucalyptus oil, which stimulates beard follicles to stand erect while softening them to ensure a smooth and close shave.
He had short dark hair, was clean shaven and was wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a brown leather jacket.
The second man is believed to be Asian, of a paler complexion, around 5ft 7ins, of medium build, in his 30s and clean shaven He was wearing a brown baseball cap with hair visible underneath, a dark zipped jacket and dark blue jeans.
He was clean shaven with short dark hair, and wore a black jacket.
The man with the panel door is described as white, aged between 25 and 28, about 6ft, of stocky build, clean shaven with black collar-length hair.
The thief is described as being white, 6ft, clean shaven and wearing a dark T-shirt and light blue trousers.
He is tall, of a medium build, has short brown hair and is clean shaven.
He had long ginger hair, a thin face, clean shaven with a pale complexion.