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Can we use fire to make forests healthier without running afoul of public attitudes and Clean Air Standards?
While I am unequivocally for clean air, I submit that Title V - which defines how industry shall obtain permits to operate - is a seriously flawed program that needs a major overhaul, if not repeal.
Weisenberg's bill would put the onus on the Department of Environmental Conservation to develop clean air standards based on the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standard that is already in place and which Rodolitz said is not enforced.
If the regional air pollution is termed "Marginal" with respect to Clean Air Act compliance, a "major source" is one that emits 110 tons per year (TPY).
He and others--including National Clean Air Coalition Chairman Richard E.
A great deal of progress has been made to improve our region's air quality since 1997 when Clean Air Partners, formerly known as ENDZONE Partners, was established by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC).
Washington gave a thoughtful speech thanking the award winners and Clean Air Partners for their dedication and exceptional efforts to reduce the region's contribution to air pollution.
That bill relaxed clean air safeguards, worsened global warming and did little to achieve energy conservation, but it was the high-cost of pork-barrel items and a liability limitation for MTBE, a chemical additive for gasoline that has been leeching into New England water supplies, that sidetracked the legislation.
Yet on Friday, regulators may adopt a blueprint that breaks the law by getting us only 20 percent of the way toward clean air.
But a new market emerged for MtBE when the Clean Air Act was amended in 1990.
Possible effects of other new environmental regulations on clean air and water are less clear, particularly for plastics processors, though rules on styrene monomer emissions could be a threat if EPA follows Congress' recommendations.
New amendments to the Clean Air Act may prove to be the most burdensome regulations that industry has confronted in years.
In the Senate last year, Clean Air Act revisions focused on the treatment of acid rain" (sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides), while the House of Representatives dealt primarily with urban smog" (ground-level ozone and carbon monoxide) and toxic pollutants such as aluminum, lead, and zinc.
The report recommends that Congress move as quickly as possible to reauthorize and revitalize the Clean Air Act to provide additional measures for controlling air pollutants associated with forest damage.
Pilot Program is the First Approved Technical Advancement Project Under the Clean Air Action Plan and Will Study the Use of Ultra-Clean, Electrically-Powered Tractors for Short Haul Container Drayage