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the address of a web page on the world wide web

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Clean URLs were collected partly from DMOZ (3), the largest and most comprehensive human-edited web directory and a list of top 500 popular websites in the world.
The dataset suggests great importance of EV, redirection in the hyperlinks, Google's blacklist as well as domain ranking in Alexa and search engines in prediction due to significant differences in their numbers between phishing and clean URLs.
Maybe every one of those book pages, served from the mature repository access application, has a nice clean URL, with an identifier for the title and a page number lined up cleanly in the URL.
If you can do that, and you can make that catalog record have a good, clean URL, you have a chance at coaxing the big crawl bots to recognize the pattern that "we have diverse items about fishing in our local bay.
With clean URLs, site security is strengthened by not displaying the technology a Web site was built upon to site visitors (or potential hackers).