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They don't have to clean boots any more, they get a very easy life.
I can remember as a young player having to clean boots, carry the goals and do all the rotten jobs.
We had it drummed into us at an early age what it took to be successful and in those days apprentices used to clean boots, mop out dressing rooms and pump up the balls as well as carry out hundreds of other tasks.
I had to clean boots and make sure training gear was spotless and on their peg every morning.
He added: "I still have a few jobs to do at the club and one of those is to clean boots for David Elebert and Dougie Imrie.
People are advised to clean boots and bicycles after their walk or ride, keep dogs on short leads and not to take dogs on to land with farm animals.
In the first year I had to clean boots for four players - and each of them had two or three pairs.