Claytonia virginica

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small cormous perennial grown for its low rosette of succulent foliage and racemes of pink-tinged white flowers

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Physiological and morphological responses to shade and nutrient additions of Claytonia virginica (Portulacaceae): implications from the vernal dam, hypothesis.
douglassii, Caulophyllum thalictroides, Claytonia virginica, Dicentra cucullaria, Erigenia bulbosa, Erythronium americanum, Floerkea proserpinacoides, Geranium maculatum, Phlox divaricata, Polemonium reptans, Sanguinaria canadensis, Trillium flexipes, T.
Common plant species from spring through early summer are Claytonia virginica, Erigenia bulbosa, Floerkea proserpinacoides, Hepatica acutiloba (on the creek bank), Iodanthus pinnatifidus, Ranunculus hispidus var.