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Physiological and morphological responses to shade and nutrient additions of Claytonia virginica (Portulacaceae): implications from the vernal dam, hypothesis.
Forest understory plants [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 7 AND 8 OMITTED] also are predominantly those of mesic deciduous forest (Curtis 1959), including the shrub Zanthoxylum americanum and the herbs Aralia racemosa, Campanula americana, Claytonia cf.
The Knights are among the title favorites with University of San Francisco and Chadwick with senior Jynnifer Wright, junior Claytonia Tarazi and sophomore Amy Spoelstra.
Yet, with a large number of disjunct species and species endemic to Alaska and the Yukon (Stellaria alaskana, Salix setchelliana, Androsace alaskana, Castilleja yukonis, Artemisia alaskana, Aster yukonensis, and Claytonia bostockii) (Murray and Douglas, 1980), substantial ecological diversity remains.
16 1 Claytonia perfoliata - - - - - - Cytisus scoparius - - - - - - Chenopodium album 3.
Flowering phenology and seed set in Claytonia virginica (Portulacaceae).
Claytonia virginica, Geranium maculatum, Mertensia virginica).
Opposing natural selection from herbivores and pathogens may maintain floral-color variation in Claytonia virginica (Portulacaceae).
WILD EDIBLES: cactus pears, cattails, claytonia (miner's lettuce), dandelion greens, fiddlehead ferns, lamb's quarters, morel mushrooms, nettles, pokeweed, purslane, ramps (wild leeks)
Typical genera of plants with species using this dispersal syndrome include Asarum, Claytonia, Dentaria, Dicentra, Erythronium, Jeffersonia, Sanguinaria, Trillium, and Viola.
Desert Christian, led by senior Jynnifer Wright and junior Claytonia Tarazi, is the favorite for the Southern Section Division V girls' cross country title at Mt.
Plants such as American land cress, claytonia and lamb's lettuce are tough and will keep growing through the worst weather without protection.
Some are astoundingly cold hardy, such as claytonia (or miner's lettuce) and minutina (Herba stella).
Desert Christian of Lancaster, led by senior Jynnifer Wright and junior Claytonia Tarazi, is the favorite for the Division V girls' title with a season-best team time of 103:39 at Mt.