clay-colored robin

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robin of Mexico and Central America

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A given male Clay-colored Thrush sings at least two times as many soft syllable types as whistle syllable types (LEV, unpubl, data).
The repertoire of the Clay-colored Thrush is composed of a set of individually unique syllable types and a smaller number of syllable types that are shared with neighbors.
Proportion of individual (white) and shared (gray) syllables sung by each male Clay-colored Thrush during 2008 in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Ninety Clay-colored Thrush nesting attempts were observed in coffee (n = 66), pasture (n = 22), and roads (n = 2).
The final Clay-colored Thrush model included only land-cover type, which was a marginally significant influence on nest survival (P = 0.
015 for Clay-colored Thrush (n = 6 nesting attempts and 67 exposure days) for an expected nest success rate of 67.
The results for Clay-colored Thrush support this prediction although those for White-throated Thrush indicate that local-scale nest site characteristics were greater influences on nest success than land-cover type.
Overall White-throated and Clay-colored thrush nest success rates at Las Alturas (16.
Tropical species that do breed synchronously and have extra-pair matings are expected to have high testosterone levels, which is the case for the Clay-colored Thrush (1.