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eating earth, clay, chalk


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The detoxification function of clay eating has been most recently and convincingly confirmed by two studies: one by Gilardi et al (1999) on Peruvian Amazon rainforest parrots; the other by Diamond et al (1999) on rainforest birds of the New Guinea Highlands.
In sum, it can be concluded that clay eating, among other effects, has both cytoprotection and detoxification functions that have been widely recognised by humans over a long period of time.
Colliver (1974) indicated that clay eating was common throughout Queensland and suggested that a Mr Hyam (1939:118) had provided a plausible reason for the habit when he suggested the practice was allied to the modern practice of prescribing colloidal clays, kaolins and precipitated chalk to relieve damaged stomach tissue.
Mjoberg (1918:523-31) also refers to clay eating on the Evelyn River, on the Evelyn Tablelands in the north Queensland rainforest.
In a medical thesis and a number of publications, Eastwell (1978, 1979, 1984) has considered the issue of clay eating among Indigenous Australians.
In sum, it is clear from the above review of Indigenous clay eating that clay was consumed throughout Australia for a wide range of reasons.