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target used in skeet or trapshooting

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Add to this factor a flying clay pigeon that can be tossed at any height and from any direction and the games you can play are limited solely by your imagination.
A source tells us: "She has enjoyed shooting clay pigeons.
Such training minimizes chances of firearms accidents and, by teaching how to shoot clay pigeons and other targets at different distances and angles effectively, promotes the humane harvesting of game birds.
Flint Clay Target Club is under fire from locals unhappy with members using the foreshore for clay pigeon shoots on Sundays.
The new clay pigeons are made entirely from naturally occurring materials, and even the paint formulations have been modified to be non-toxic and water-soluble.
While Mitchell will have more than $2 million invested in the club when the project is completed, he said he does not intend to raise the price to shoot at the club, which is $6 for a round of 25 clay pigeons.
I shoot clay pigeons," The Sun quoted Reo-Coker, as saying.
Chefs also had the chance to shoot some clay pigeons.
I'LL DOO THE BUSINESS Sean 3Higgins shoots clay pigeons and now he's vowing to fire in goals for St Johnstone this season
Another accessory Crosman produced was clay pigeons, but theirs were made of plastic parts that snapped together.
The Northumbria force lost clay pigeons worth pounds 40 plus a loo roll and had a puppy stolen while it was doing police training.
CRESWELL - Though it's technically called a turkey shoot, it's the clay pigeons that really should watch out.
You could use them while you were at a shooting school, or you were out waterfowling, shooting clay pigeons, or even just practicing rifle shooting or target practice.
After all that happened just two years ago, with a clearly defined enemy using our country's national monuments as clay pigeons, it seemed like we were OK with the concept of becoming one team against these acts of terrorism and violence.
RIDLEY SCOTT'S comedy thriller Clay Pigeons (15) takes you on a bizarre Western rollercoaster of a film.