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bone linking the scapula and sternum

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Cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD) (OMIM 11,960) is a rare skeletal disorder which is characterized by delayed closure of anterior fontanelle, absent or hypoplastic clavicles, dental problems, and short stature.
On physical examination, there was tenderness and diffuse homogenous hard swelling over the right clavicle sparing the lateral end.
CCD is characterized by short stature, large head with frontal and parietal bossing, delayed closure of cranial sutures and fontanels, hypertelorism with depressed infraorbital area, broad based nose with depressed nasal bridge and aplasia or varying degrees of hypoplasia of clavicles.
INTRODUCTION: Clavicle is the bony link from thorax to shoulder girdle and contributes to movements at shoulder girdle.
Inclusion criteria included non-fractured clavicles from males or females who died of medical and not traumatic conditions to assure physis integrity for histological interpretation.
Materials and Methods: The study comprised 50 clavicles of unknown sex, which were obtained from the Department of Anatomy, Smt.
Condensing osteitis of the clavicle is a rarely seen pathology since its first description in 1974.
She also had bilaterally absent clavicles, bilaterally hypermobile shoulders which could be approximated in the midline, (Fig.
Clinical examination revealed that patient is short statured (fig1) and presented with brachycephalic skull, frontal bossing, depressed frontal and parietal bones, hypo plastic maxilla, zygoma & clavicles.
The clavicle is one of the most commonly fractured bones encountered by the orthopaedic surgeon.
The clavicles and long bones were fixed in buffered 10% formalin, decalcificated, embedded in paraffin wax, serially sectioned at 6 mm thickness and stained with hematoxylin-eosin and Alcian blue, Masson and Picrosirius-polarization methods.
The infrahyoid neck: Normal anatomy and pathology of the head and neck from the hyoid bone to the clavicles.
The Angels can continue to live their Fantasyland existence, winning games in July with a suspect four-man rotation that'll be grabbing at their clavicles in September.
If the shoulders are too wide to fit through the birth canal, or if the baby it not positioned correctly, one of the clavicles can break.
The newborn examination was done in the delivery room with special attention directed toward the clavicles because of the difficult shoulder delivery.