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bone linking the scapula and sternum

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I turned to a mirror and looked and for the first time I saw me and I was horrified - my clavicle bone was so bony, my face was sunken in at the cheeks.
Course doctor Jeremy Davies said: "Hitchcott has a suspected broken left clavicle bone and has been taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter General hospital for further assessment and x-rays.
In particularly dangerous and difficult births, the doctor can intentionally break the baby's clavicle bone, break the mother's pelvic bone or perform an emergency C-section.
From there, place your thumb and middle finger just under your clavicle bones and point your index finger straight up to your chin, making sure it touches just under your jaw.
Portable chest X-ray machines are routinely used to confirm placement of lines and tubes; however, the image quality makes it challenging for radiologists to differentiate these structures, and the rib and clavicle bones obscure visibility of chest tissue by up to 40 percent.