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a hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes


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Formation of an erect mesoscutellar spine leads to a decrease in size of the mesoscutellar disc, loss of its coaptation with forewing clavi and concurrent loss of the claval commissure and claval angles that became unnecessary.
Ninguna atribucion en tal sentido pudieron haber tenido, los dictadores clavi figendi causa, entre los que se conocen a LUCIO MANLIO CAPITOLINO IMPERIOSO (363 a.
a consulibus postea ad dictatores, quia maius imperium erat, solamne clavi figendi causa translatum est" (LIV.
Get Up Offa That Thing is one of our favourites with that evil intro and the incessant clavi line.
The female slaves have long-sleeved tunics with gold clavi (stripes) that are girdled under the chest, and no jewelry.
37) "Revera viscera tua penetrat gladius, configunt animam tuam lancea & clavi, laneant mentem tuam spinarum aculei, lacerat cor tuum aspectus amorosi filii tui" (Herp, 31, fol.