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a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots

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Beekman, who chose the Italian musician Marco Vitale to accompany him on the clavecin, added that "the cultural exchange is very important" to him.
Rameau finishing his famous harpsichord cycle Pieces de clavecin en concerts.
Handel, Georg Friedrich: Suites de Pieces pour le Clavecin, 1720.
Referring to the title, she asks "who are you my dear pragmatist / wine in the rings of darkness and an ancient clavecin in the corner.
Here we only have room to point to two of the best: Rameau's Pieces de Clavecin en Concert (3984-21767-2) in which Leonhardt, on the harpsichord, is joined by the Kuijken brothers on the viola da gamba and violin and Frans Bruggen on the transverse flute.
s avis suggests that the airs may be performed on clavecin, bass viol, violin, or German flute.
Accompanied here by Clavecin en concert under the direction of harpsichordist Luc Beausejour, she serves up lovely, long lines and a gorgeous blend, with clear, impeccable enunciation.
Bach (Versuch u'ber die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen, 1753/1762), Francois Couperin (L'art de toucher le clavecin, 1716 and 1717), Johann Nicolaus Forkel (Uber Johann Sebastian Bachs Leben, Kunst, und Kunstwerke, 1802), Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg (Die Kunst das Clavier zu spielen, 1750/1755), Johann Joachim Quantz (Versuch einer Anweisung die Flote traversiere zu spielen, 1752), and Jean-Philippe Rameau (Dissertation, 1732); she also includes material on well-known performers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacques Champion de Chambonnieres, Louis Couperin, and Johann Jacob Froberger.
The program includes works by Rameau (Piece de Clavecin No.
The Musicians of the Old Post Road began the two halves of their concert with excerpts from Rameau's remarkable "Pieces de clavecin en concerts" - short pieces that exemplified and commented on particular personalities of his era, although getting the references for modern audiences would require a Baroque historical sensibility beyond the reach of most mortals.
Other releases were the Shostakovich Symphony Number 8 (Delos De-3204), Rameau's Pieces de Clavecin (Reference Recordings RR-27CD), as well as my trusty Engineer's Choice disc (Delos DE-3512).
Earlier researchers from Quittard to Francois Lesure (introduction to Manuscrit Bauyn: Pieces de clavecin c1660 (Bibliotheque nationale, Paris, Res.
In 1701 Leclair was just four years old, but given that years later Michel Corrette, who was a decade younger than Leclair, published the same definition of organo (in Le maitre de clavecin pour I'accompagnement, methode theorique et pratique [Paris: L'auteur, 1753]), Brossard's definition seems to have remained current in France throughout the period when Leclair's concertos were composed and became repertory items.