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kryi Buhl, 2011, in Buhl's (20116) key to Afrotropical species of Leptacis, but that species has a more transverse head, more elongate antennal clava, mesosoma only 1.
Three species (Leptodea leptodon, Pleurobema clava, Quadrula fragosa) were first documented from the Missouri River Basin in this survey (Hoke, 1983, 1997a), and new Nebraska and Kansas records for Lasmigona compressa are the first from the basin since Tryon's (1868) publication.
He said in the letter 'I know you will probably be laughing at me, but while you are laughing could you please take this stone back to Clava Cairns'.
Head with frontovertex broad; Antenna with third segment of funicle usually slightly longer than broad; clava about as long as pedicel and funicle combined.
15x as long as A5; A6-A10 forming a clava, A8-A9 each hardly noticeably longer than wide.
Connage Crowdie was awarded the Best Cheese in Scotland at the British Cheese Awards in 2008 and they achieved Best in the World with their Clava brie winning Gold at the World Cheese Awards in 2007, not bad for a family-run farm and business in Ardersier, Inverness-shire.
Lawrence by the clubbed tunicate (Styela clava Herdman): Why have estuaries in Prince Edward Island been more susceptible?
Hence in his discussion of the project investigating the Clava Cairns in north-east Scotland Bradley (2000:211-32) emphasises how the architectural elements involved there; passage tombs, platforms and circles continued to be constructed and utilised in innovative ways well into the Early Bronze Age.
Bagsbuy already offers over 5,000 products from over 60 top brands including Adrienne Vittadini, Baggallini, Clava, Eagle Creek, Ellington, High Sierra, Jack Georges, JanSport, Marlo, Samsonite, THE SAK, Tignanello and many more.
6 1 2 2 R Pleurobema clava Quadrula pustulosa Quadrula quadrula Tritogonia verrucosa Unionaerus tetralasmus
Styelins, broad-spectrum antimicrobial peptides from the solitary tunicate, Styela clava.
La sua nave appare nello sfondo dell'illustrazione e il navigatore sta di fronte a una donna nuda, adagiata su un'amaca, una clava appoggiata ad un tronco d'albero.
TOBY PALMER 49, a Celtic Pagan and MAGGIE LAIDLAW 56, a Nordic Pagan, are having a hand-fasting - a pre-Christian ceremony - at the ancient sacred site of Clava Cairns, near Inverness.
The antenna of the EGW adult female had 9 segments and it had a light brown color; the number of flagellomeres in the anellus, funicle and clava were 1, 3 and 3, respectively; the scape presented a slightly flattened column; the length of pedicel was 2 to 2.