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Prussian general and military theorist who proposed a doctrine of total war and war as an extension of diplomacy (1780-1831)

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To readers who have studied Clausewitz and understand his maxim that war is an extension of policy, the conclusion makes sense, and Echevarria's historical synopsis reinforces that point.
Like a Sun-centric model, GDT provides a perspective more broad than the Sun Tzu and Clausewitz models to reveal the amazingly simple connection between all domains: our desire.
25) Clausewitz was sensitive to these limitations as well, noting that "no empirical science, consequently also no theory of the art of war, can always corroborate its truths by historical proof.
2 (Winter 1971): 208-09; Clausewitz, 151-55; Dorner, 170-72.
Yet World War I proved Clausewitz tragically wrong.
Clausewitz, who was not born until after Washington had served five years as commander in chief, believed that the ability to operate in the realm of strategy was a supreme talent that only a few possessed.
Their discussion draws on a wide range of military and intelligence theorists, from Carl Von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu to General David Petraeus.
Not much has changed since Carl von Clausewitz defined military strategy as the employment of battles to gain the end of war.
Clausewitz knew that a great commander must develop a keen intellect and show great courage in the face of adversity to succeed in combat.
That said, Clausewitz and Jomini offered differing points of view.
For example, when 19th century war theorist Carl von Clausewitz introduced the metaphors of friction and center of gravity in his book On War, he was limited in his ability to extend and replace the metaphors drawing on the state of Newtonian science in his time.
War to Clausewitz was an eminently rational enterprise.
This is what 19th century strategist and military theorist Carl yon Clausewitz says about culminating points:
People like quoting Clausewitz that warfare is the continuation of politics by other means," the Foreign Secretary said.
Even more problematically, On War was very much a work in progress when Clausewitz was called into military service and died unexpectedly of cholera at the age of fifty-one in 1831.