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Courts that have taken this approach with regard to arbitration clauses at times used the corporate law doctrine of "piercing the corporate veil.
Reinsurers must address not only the text of such clauses but must also consider if the law governing the reinsurance will give effect to them.
Public focus on morality clauses is a relatively recent phenomenon, even though they have been in use for some time.
PUBLIC sector bodies in Wales are still pressuring departing employees to sign severance agreements that include gagging clauses - 13 years after the Welsh Government said that should not happen.
Last night, the Gillard Government s Not-For-Profit Sector Freedom to Advocate Bill 2013 passed the Parliament, banning the use of gag clauses in Federal Government contracts with the not-for-profit sector.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency on Monday urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to review the amendments it had proposed in the Election Nomination Form, terming some of its clauses 'vague and unnecessarily intrusive.
Litigator Nicole Nehama Auerbach of Valorem Law Group explains that there are certain contractual clauses companies should consider for inclusion in their contracts that can make a difference in the face of litigation.
Not surprisingly, clauses of this type became increasingly common during the recent boom.
With respect to their second argument, that clause (i) was inapplicable to tax crimes, the Kawashimas contended that subparagraph 1101(a)(43)(M), when considered in its entirety, demonstrates that Congress was addressing two mutually exclusive categories of crimes in its two clauses: general, nontax crimes involving fraud or deceit that cause actual losses to real victims in clause (i), and tax crimes involving revenue losses to the government in clause (ii).
KIIAC's sophisticated technology can analyze any set of agreements and automatically determine what clauses the agreement contains, how those clauses are organized, and the range of standard and non-standard language used in each clause.
Gross focuses his study on three formularies or legal clauses that play important roles in Aramaic deeds of conveyance (mainly sales but including some gifts and bequests).
International energy investment law; stability through contractual clauses.
These differences are observable in the frequency of main and secondary clauses (i.
LAHORE -- Lahore High Court (LHC) has been moved against non-incorporating of terrorism related clauses in FIR registered pertaining to Model Town tragedy.