Claudius I

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Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered

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Moreover, he cannot be completely sure of his countryman's support as Claudius is an elected king.
Cymbeline or Pericles, especially the second, might well have represented Shakespeare in this discussion, but Boehrer chooses Hamlet, drawing on Jason Rosenblatt's idea that Claudius is to Gertrude as Henry VIII was to Catherine.
Actually, it's worse than Cain's sin since Claudius is guilty of both fratricide and regicide.
Claudius is the former King Hamlet's "bastard half-brother," whose "unprepossessing appearance suggests his peasant origins" (214).
What I am getting at is that without Claudius's admission of guilt the principal question in criticism of Hamlet would not be why Hamlet delays but whether or not Claudius is guilty.