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Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered

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In fact, Claudius is already secretly racked with guilt.
Claudius is hellbound, and where Hamlet will go after death we can't be sure.
Whereas "one of the central issues in Updike's trilogy is the American self, divided and unhappy, struggling to re-form and reconceive itself" (Schiff, Updike's Version 19), the ostensible focus in Gertrude and Claudius is the female self in general, striving to define and assert itself both in relation to and in opposition to the male self.
What I am getting at is that without Claudius's admission of guilt the principal question in criticism of Hamlet would not be why Hamlet delays but whether or not Claudius is guilty.
Actually, it's worse than Cain's sin since Claudius is guilty of both fratricide and regicide.
The scholarly interest in Claudius is strong, and the evidence of this volume is that he is indeed an important figure for an understanding of the intellectual world of Protestant Germany in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
20) A large part of I, Claudius is given over to the campaigns of Claudius' elder brother Germanicus (whom he idolizes) in the Rhineland, avenging the massacre of Varus' legions in AD 9.
Graves's novel I, Claudius is an engaging first-person narrative written in the voice of the Roman emperor Claudius.