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Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered

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The very brief vita of St Valentine has him refusing to deny Christ before the Emperor Claudius in the year 280.
According to some sources, he fell out of favor with Claudius II when he began performing secret wedding ceremonies at a time when marriage had been outlawed.
The Roman leader at that time was the Emperor Claudius, immortalised by Derek Jacobi in the TV series and film I, Claudius, alongside Welsh actress Sien Phillips as his aunt Livia.
Agrippina, the niece of emperor Claudius and mother of the infant Nero, enlists the aid of Epaphroditus, a young slave, in a plot to protect herself from a prophecy that her own son would murder her.
Students at the Performance Academy in Newcastle are bringing 120 years of the Roman Empire to the stage in an epic adaptation of Claudius.
AD54 Roman Emperor Claudius I died after eating poisoned mushrooms in a plot inspired by his wife, the Empress Agrippina 1852 Lillie Langtry, British actress and mistress of Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales, was born in Jersey 1884 Greenwich is adopted as the universal time meridian of longitude from which times throughout the world are based 1944 Athens was liberated by the Allies 1984 John Lowe hit the first televised nine-dart-finish in a major event in the quarter-finals of the World Match Play championship in SloughON THIS DAY LAST YEAR.
Claudius Sanchez Czyzewska, PE, received his Professional Engineering license in the state of New Mexico.
Contract notice: Outsourcing benefit institut claudius regaud.
Simon Dutton, as Claudius, carries the gravitas required by the role and hides the fact that Claudius is the villain who murdered and lied while Hamlet carried out his murders openly and suffers the pangs of conscience.
Son frere Claudius l'a remplace comme roi et, moins de deux mois apres, il a epouse Gertrude, la veuve de son frere.
POWERFUL GRIP OF CORRUPTION The world should read ICLAUDIUS and CLAUDIUS and the sequel Claudius The God.
UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan met the Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Claudius Mitchell, at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in New York on the sidelines of the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly.
John Dougall, Keith Bartlett, Rawiri Paratene / Claudius and Polonius
Adopted by his stepfather the Emperor Claudius in AD 50, Nero became Emperor himself in 54, aged 16, on Claudius's death.
The first Geordie phrase dates back to the reign of 3-4 Claudius.