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French composer who is said to have created Impressionism in music (1862-1918)

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Robert Schmitz, The Piano Works of Claude Debussy (New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1950; reprint, New York: Dover Publications, 1966), 32.
Influential composer Claude Debussy Thomas Ades will conduct the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group in April Sean Clancy's 'Findetotenlieder' comes as the culmination of the Irish composer's period as Birmingham Contemporary Music Group/ SAM (Sound and Music) Apprentice Composer in Residence Internationally renowned pianist and Debussy expert Roy Howat
At the performance on Tuesday, which, true to Delhi tradition, started almost half an hour late, the duo played an eclectic combination of their own compositions, coupled with those of international artistes such as French composer Claude Debussy -- some of them lively, all of them lilting.
In addition, Jeanice Brooks provides a succinct summary of Lesure's career, the co-editors provide an overview to the volume, and Roy Howat provides a fascinating afterword on "The Origins of the Oeuvres completes de Claude Debussy.
Popping up as guides are fictional and historical characters like Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Sartre, Claude Debussy and The Phantom Of The Opera.
Along the way she also gives full due to such as Claude Debussy, Isadora Duncan, Darious Milhaud and Eleanora Duse as they experimented with what could have been an eternal art form.
Fast forward to 2007, and Meredith Martin is researching a biography on Claude Debussy, armed with a haunting piece of piano music and a sepia photograph.
Its architecture and transportation system set the standards for 20th-century urban living, Emile Zola described the travails of common people, Claude Debussy found new musical expressions, and French politics was undergoing a democratic revolution.
I've been told I look like a young Orson Welles and Claude Debussy, but not him.
Apres l'entracte elles ont joue pour Anton Webern, six bagatelles pour quatuor a cordes-1913 et pour Claude Debussy, quatuor op.
Classical guitarists Sergio and Adair Assad, who were cellist Yo-Yo Ma's principal collaborators on his "Obrigado Brazil" album, will play compositions by Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Joaquin Rodrigo and Hector Villa-Lobos - along with traditional Brazilian pieces and their own compositions - on Nov.
Claude Debussy saw to publication two editions of the full score of La mer.
He also utilized the techniques of French classical composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel.
The long-awaited album, The Seduction of Claude Debussy, will be released on ZTT/Universal Records on June 29.