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French physiologist noted for research on secretions of the alimentary canal and the glycogenic function of the liver (1813-1878)


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Professor Claude Bernard is the Foundation Director of the Neuroimmunology Laboratory and Professor of Neuroimmunology in the Department of Biochemistry at La Trobe University.
Addressing the issue of prevention in an accompanying editorial, Pierre Delmas, MD from Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France said postmenopausal women who undergo transplantation should receive hormone replacement therapy to protect their bones.
From the Greek denoting either "celle qui est universellement divine" or "la propriete des Dieux" (CX), this appellation simultaneously evokes the most splendid of the mythological Graces and Tagaut's real-life beloved, the Benedictine nun (literally a "property" of God), Claude Bernard.
There's a chasm, after all, between the physical typologies of Broca, Quetelet, or Lombroso and, say, Louis Pasteur or Claude Bernard - perhaps because the latter two had already taken a giant step into the invisible.
The participating hospitals at Cochin, Pite Salpetriere, Beclere, and Bichat Claude Bernard.
He was awarded an MBA by Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Bordeaux in 1995 and a Masters in Information Technology from the University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France, in 1992.
Although Wolfe negated sexual interest among cats he observed, this factor formed the centerpiece for a study by Ludovic Say of Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France, and his coworkers.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Hospitals in Chartres - Pharmacy sterilization - 4 rue claude bernard 28630 Le Coudray
Claude Bernard Lyon, France) and Rossi (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany) offer a self-contained proof of the Duflo isomorphism and its complex geometric analogues in the unified frameworks, and give in particularly a unifying explanation for why the series j(x) and its inverse appear.
A group led by researchers at Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France, has found RNA strands of a so-called echovirus in 15 of 17 spinal cord tissue samples from people who died from nonhereditary ALS.
After an academic career begun in 1969, during which he was a senior lecturer in mathematics at the Universite Claude Bernard (Lyon 1), he joined the FFSA (Federation Francaise des Societes d'Assurance) in 1985 subsequently becoming Manager.